Here is pictures of the new 145.170 repeater that was put

into service on 7/6/2013.

It is running at 60 Watts and reports have it that

the coverage area has improved

from that of the backup we have

been on since 12/26/2009.

On the top is the  120 watt Tx Power Amp.

Below the Amp is the  VHF 145.170 Exciter.

Then you see the  VHF receiver on the 146.745.

Next is the control rack.

Under the control rack is the

power supply with battery backup.

And below the Power supply is the computer

for remote control of the repeater.

Here is a picture of the

backside of the upper picture.

On  top in the black case is the Cat 1000 controller.

Then there are the 144.570 receiver.

Then you see the  3 UHF link receivers.

The open area for a 4th uhf receiver.

and under the receiver is the Voting system.


This is the Waycom duplexers.

Here is a picture of the battery backup.

Our computer control.


This Motorola MSF 5000 was put on the air

3/14/2014. It replaced the Motorola 1225

which had been used for the 444.050.

The MSF 5000 has a power output of

has a power output of 60 watts going

to the antenna. ( after the duplexers ).